Steven Charles Capital

Consistent Long Term Capital Growth

Dear Friends,

When I founded Steven Charles Capital in 1986, the mission was to enhance the quality of my clients’ lives by helping them to attain true wealth.  Prior to starting Steven Charles Capital, I had worked my way up in the big brokerage houses, but when I got to the top, I was not happy with what I saw.  Clients did not come first: profits for the managers and traders at the firms did.  

There is no need to drive up unnecessary transaction costs or farm out management responsibilities to other managers who charge fees on top of fees. With Steven Charles Capital, you get personal, customized service that cannot be matched in either price or quality by the larger brokerage houses. You also get my personal guarantee that if your assets don’t grow, our revenues don’t grow.  We are in this together, as partners in your financial future.


Steve Braverman
CEO of Steven Charles Capital