Steven Charles Capital

Consistent Long Term Capital Growth

Core Growth Portfolio

Our Core Growth Portfolio is designed for investors seeking long-term growth of principal. 

Equities selected for the Core Growth Portfolio must demonstrate predictable earnings growth, a sustainable competitive advantage, shareholder friendly management, high levels of free cash flow and attractive valuation.  The Core Growth Portfolio is diversified across all major economic sectors.

Conservative Growth Portfolio

Our Conservative Growth Portfolio is designed for more conservative investors seeking both long-term growth of principal and current income. 

Equities in the Conservative Growth Portfolio are selected according to the same criteria as the Core Growth Portfolio, but special emphasis is placed on dividend yields and other opportunities for current income, such as master limited partnerships.

Balanced Portfolio

Our Balanced Portfolio is a mix of stocks and bonds designed for investors seeking current income and lower volatility than the broader market.  The portfolio is a blend of stocks, bonds and TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities).