Steven Charles Capital

Consistent Long Term Capital Growth

Long-Term Investments

We are long-term investors and our mission is simple:  to deliver superior risk-adjusted performance alongside superior levels of client service.  

Millions of online traders make “investment decisions” every day based on nothing more than a hunch about where the market or particular stock prices are going in the near term. In many ways, today's investment arena resembles an online casino more than a true community of investors.

Steven Charles Capital does not try to time the market.

Rather, we examine the intrinsic qualities of every company we buy and base our investment decisions on the long-term future of excellent companies.

Ownership Mentality

Never think of stock ownership as a quote on the computer screen or as a roll of the dice — your shares represent a piece of a company’s future, and it is our job to find and invest in those companies that have a bright long-term future, regardless of what happens to the stock market or the individual stock over the short-term. 

Strict Investment Criteria

We invest only in companies that demonstrate the following 6 criteria:

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  • Consistent History of Long-Term Results for Shareholders

  • Outstanding Shareholder-Friendly Management

  • Predictable Earnings Growth

  • High Levels of Free Cash Flow

  • Attractive Market Valuation